Experience in Transformational Change and Compliance

Award Winning Leadership

The team at Enteruptors are empowered by an energetic driven CEO, David Jordan, who is an author and award winner.

Based on years of experience in turning innovation into results, David wrote the CEO Innovation Blueprint.  

David has spoken across the globe on innovation and given his insight into the challenges for CEOs in the digital era.  From this, IBM presented him an award for Innovation Thought Leadership.

As part of enteruptors social contract, David received an award on behalf of the company from the NSW Government for voluntary services. 

As every great CEO has done, David believes in getting smart people to drive results.

Thought leaders on Transformational Performance

Enteruptors is leading the world in using innovation in compliance to drive transformational change.

Enteruptors provides a world first SaaS enterprise solution that is re-engineering risk, compliance, finance and strategy.

David has been speaking in the media and at conference around the world on how businesses can drive change,

Our CEO and Founder has spoken on a RegTech Panel in London with ASIC Chairman Medcraft.

Followed by presenting to bankers at the Australian Consulate in New York.

As world leaders driving transformational change, Enteruptors is a though leader on re-engineering risk, compliance, finance and strategy.

Global Experience across Multiple Sectors

  • We have 25 years of experience in corporate strategy, compliance and innovation.
  • Our team has worked for
    • Government
    • Multinationals
    • Co-operatives and Mutuals
    • Small business
  • Our team has worked in
    • Banking sector
    • Mining sector
    • Shipping sector
    • Retail sector
    • Manufacturing sector
    • Technology sector