Bringing Structure to Risk, Compliance and Finance

Slashing risk and compliance cost 50%

Compliance and risk processes have evolved over time with little structure, processes and controls.  There is a lack of consistency and no common taxonomy.  Data is lost is fragmented systems and spreadsheets.

Replacing a free-access model of knowledge working with a structured model will realise significant savings.

  1. Identifying and resolving weaknesses and threats
    Consultant will conduct a review and identify areas where there could be threats and where the business could be strengthened
  2. Designing structure
    Consultants will identify areas of the risk and compliance process where structure can be added to deliver results.   Designing systems and procedures to bring structure to the process.
  3. Digital transformation
    Moving manual processes and spreadsheets to a digital platform to cut costs and improve productivity
  4. Bespoke development of compliance applications
    Development of new compliance and risk systems to meet new and changing requirements


Innovation is critical for businesses to be successful in a fast moving, volatile and complex market.   Yet most innovation projects fail to deliver.  The CEO Innovation Blue Print provides CEOs with insight in how to drive innovation success in a time of digital disruption.

Help with Spreadsheet hell

An explosion in spreadsheets used for repeatable business processes is impacting the P&L and exposing businesses to risk.

Management are struggling with data quality, productivity, audit, security and scalability.

Regulators, auditors and stakeholders are becoming increasingly concerned with their risk exposure.

Many of the spreadsheets in use were developed by staff who have long left the business and few understand the spreadsheets they use.

Enteruptors provides services to help review spreadsheeets and develop strategies to minimise their use.  Our consultants can assist in restructuring workflows and streamlining procesesses to reduce spreadsheets use.

Delivering immediate results and giving peace of mind. 

Managing Cultural Change

The biggest challenge in fighting disruption is to overcome the resistence by risk and compliance people to change.   Post global financial crisis has created a culture of risk avoidance that discourages change and discourages innovation.

Digital disruption and socio-economic change is leading to dramatic changes in the market that will force business models to change for businesses to survive.   If the culture does not change, those businesses will fall behind.

Enteruptors is helping to drive cultural change.   Moving risk and compliance from a defensive stand to being part of the competitive positioning of the business.

Compliance and risk is not an inspiring job.  Applying rules that frustrate others and to be accountable for what no one can predict is tough.  Move that to being able to create new products and services and help customers that have been denied services in the past is far more inspiring.   This is the transformation enteruptors drives.

Consulting services

  • Reviewing regulatory reporting processes.
  • Review of risk and compliance processes.
  • Driving transformational cost savings
  • Ensuring continuity, consistancy. 
  • Managing key people risk.
  • Back-office productivity with innovation.
  • Innovation, ideation and execution.
  • Cognitive planning and strategy.
  • Credit Risk Review.

Find out how our consulting services can drive performance in your business

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