Platform for the digital risk and compliance enterprise

The threat of errors and breaches is driving a demand for better solutions

We investigated why the significant investment in BI Tools had failed to deliver productivity savings and resolve the data quality issues worrying management

We found that businesses had seen compliance as a reporting issue, when it actually involved hundreds of single task business applications collecting, documenting and analysis risk and compliance issues.

To solve the problems, corporates needed an enterprise quality system managing hundreds of single task applications.  To build better data, to enhance integration, to improve workflow, to meet rigour and audit requirements of regulators.   They needed a cost effective solution that could react quickly to rapid compliance change.   

Traditional technology solutions were not designed for this environment.  We went back to the drawing board and thought what if we could apply the personal productivity of the mobile phone platform to the risk and compliance environment.   What if we created an ecosystem of RegTech apps that could be available through a market place and we made this available to other developers.   We developed the IQ-Certain platform.

IQ-Certain GRC Platform / IQ-Market Regtech ecosystem

Why IQ-Certain

To make the critical decisions required to stay ahead in the digital era, decisions makers need to be:

  • Certain its compliant
  • Certain of the risks
  • Certain it is commercial
  • Certain of the strategic plan

Hence IQ-Certain, using intelligent systems to give decision makers certainty to make the big decisions.

Pragmatic Innovation

The real world is not perfect, the data is messy, processes are inconsistent.  Processes have been created in the past by people who have left the business.

Leadership don’t have the budget, the resource and the time to take action, but cannot afford not to.

The IQ-Certificate platform allows quick and affordable solution of burning issues that delivers immediate results.   Whilst at the same time building an enterprise platform integrating systems, incorporating workflow, security and audit.

Enteruptors are solving headaches quickly without breaking the budget.  Replacing error prone spreadsheets with a proper business system adding value to the business.

A Proper System for Critical Risk and Compliance

Tired of paying a fortune for simple function tools.  IQ-Certain is a proper enterprise system, scalable, using latest technologies, integrating with A.I.   All without breaking the budget.

It is no longer just automation.  It is about transformation.  Not just reducing cost and streamlining processes.  It is about building the digital enterprise for risk and compliance