Simplify Regulation, Reduce Risk, Cut Costs
but most important of all grow business

Stop complicating, start simplifying

  • Yes there is a volume of risk and compliance processes,
  • Yes there are serious ramifications for getting it wrong
  • And yes it can be complex.

NO It does not have to be expensive and hard.

The simple fact is that risk, compliance and finance processes have been bolted on to core transaction systems and it has created compliance hell.

At enteruptors, we move risk, compliance, finance and strategy into a proper application environment.   We add workflow, security, audit and control.  We enable A.I. to deliver productivity and insight.

We get results where others you just get the bill.

It is not that people love spreadsheets

When you see some global banks with a million spreadsheets you begin to question whether people like pain or they don’t want to sleep at night.  The risk is huge, the cost indefensible.  So why do it?  

The reason, technology let them down.  Enterprise applications have left functionality gaps.   BI tools don’t solve the problem.  They feel they are second priority to IT. 

Spreadsheets give them control in highly demanding roles.

Vendors try to make spreadsheets better with expensive tools

In the age of digital disruption and with increasing regulatory scrutiny, don’t make spreadsheets better, replace them.  They are not worth the risk.

Understanding the problem

Over the last few decades business has got more complicated.

Compliace, regulation, risk and strategy are a significant part of management time and effort.

Integrated reporting and prudential regulation focuses on long term sustainability, whilst ERP focuses on transaction and history.

Legacy enterprise systems don’t help management navigate the future.  They don’t help to prevent problems and maximise opportunity.

That is why IQ-Certian has become important for forecasting, scenario planning, modelling and analytics.

Specialised enterprise software managing risk, compliance and planning is the future for institutions competing in the fast pace digital era.

Solving Complexity with Simplicity

Legacy does not handle complex, unstructured and fast changing data.

Enterprise systems are safe but lack agility.

Spreadsheets are quick and cheap but unsecure, risky and unproductive.

Enterupt sits half way between flexability of spreadsheets and certainty of enterprise systems.

Removing the nightmare of complex spreadsheet formulas.

Introducing audit, security, control, backup and recoverability.

Providing Enterprise systems for unstructured data.

Storing Data in one place easily accessiblle for cognitive computing

Allowing reuse of Formulas  across many reports ensuring consistency.

Managing complex secure IT environments

SaaS – On Budget – On Time

Cloud technology that drives savings and easy implementation.

Enteruptors provides on-premise and public cloud options.

Software as a Service that does not sacrifice functionality for the cloud.

Encryption at rest and other security features.

Compatible with web browsers.

Use of latest technologies extending mobile device functionality.

Opening the door to Artificial intelligence