eCARIS: Transforming Risk, Compliance and Planning

Governance, risk and compliance is growing at a dramatic pace.   Digital disruption is pushing business to react and develop new areas of business and challenge old processes.  To meet the demand, teams have resorted to spreadsheets and manual processes to overcome the functionality gap and lack of agility in current systems.   The impact is that some global banks have up to a million spreadsheets.  The productivity losses are in the billions.   The current approaches are not working, hence the need for a different technology.

Making life easier for decision makers

Stop living with complexity and constantly fighting fires

Tired of:

  • Embarresments from constant spreadsheet errors
  • Growing cost of audit fees of black box compliance solutions
  • Struggling to get critical information in time
  • That GRC, Financial planning and reporting is costly and cumbersome.

Start gaining control and delivering results

  • Increased staff capacity 60%
  • Delivering millions in productivity savings
  • Driveing down cost to income ratios by 15%

Become a market leader with cognitive enterprise systems of the future.

Simpifying a complex environment to cut costs, increase staff capacity and deliver insight to decision makers.

The Apps approach to productivity

Bring structure and control to the nightmare of spreadsheets, manual processes and fragmented systems.

Most spreadsheets are business processes and require an application solution, not a BI Tool.

The eCARIS application platform allows businessess to move from spreadsheets to an enterprise system quickly and cost effectively.


eCARIS – The Future

Imagine having the insight to make critical business decisions where you had clarity of risk and confidence of outcomes.

  • Predicting threat and opportunity
  • Clarifying risk of new opportunities
  • Identify blue ocean opportunities for growth.
  • Pricing based on risk.

This is the future of machine learning, predictive analytics and A.I.

To do this you need proper business systems that deliver data quality with a level of granularity to work with.   It is not possible with fragmented systems, spreadsheets and disparate databases.

Remove Risk, Improve Data Quality

One in five large businesses have suffered financial losses as a result of errors in spreadsheets.

JP Morgan suffered a $6B loss from spreadsheet errors.

Societe Generale had a $7B fraud hidden by spreadsheet manipulation.

Your legacy systems expose you to a high risk of error and fraud.

Regulators are demanding 99% confidence of data quality with frequent deep dives.

This is why a proper business system is critical for risk, compliance and financial processing.

Low Risk with Little Disruption

Your smart phone revolutionized your life and it did it with little disruption and little cost.

To achieve this with business systems requires innovative thinking not big budgets.

Whilst the improvement in performance is significant.  The implementation process is not disruptive.

We recognize that whilst compliance needs to be fixed it is also imperative it is right.

The implementation process is also an audit and review process

We strengthen compliance, reduce risk and bring it under control.

One System, One Truth

One system, with a single data lake with consistent business rules.

Replacing multiple disparate systems with different assumptions.

Regulatory returns and reports at a press of the button.

The ability to complete reporting in a tenth of the time.

Ability to do sophisticated forecasting over multiple years.

Ability to do simulations and stress testing.

Forward looking strategy maps.

Risk assessment of strategies.

Find out more information how we can drive transformational performance

Find out how enterupt can drive major reductions in cost to income ratios by re-engineering risk, compliance, finance and strategy.

How this SaaS enterprise solution can make a difference with little risk and without breaking the budget.