Team to deliver results

David Jordan
CEO Founder

David has 30 years experience in mining, shipping, retail, manufacturing and Government to drive digital transformation.   For over a decade David has been involved in transforing risk, compliance, finance and strategy.  David is an author and has spoken globally on innovation and RegTech.  David received an award from IBM for innovation thought leadership as part of his passionate involvement in using innovation to enhance business outcomes.


 Mark Sampson

Business Development

Mark built Tribal’s APAC business from start-up to one of the largest providers of such systems into schools, vocational ad higher education in Australia and New Zealand. Mark is  focused on enabling rapid growth, business development and strategy to deliver exceptional outcomes to customers and stakeholders.

Heather Jordan

Heather is a CPA with 25 years experience in managing challenging innovation businesses managing growth in the technology space.  Heather manages the challenging areas of cash flow, taxation, corporate returns to ensure the long term sustainability of the business.   Heather’s experience has been in retail, hospitality, events and technology companies.

Jerome McTeigue
Software Architect

Jerome has a masters in computing and has 30 years of experience in software architecture.  Jerome has worked in Government, banking and logistics.  Jerome has considerable experience in project management and getting projects over the line under budget and within timeframes.

George Murdocca
DevOps, Big Data and InfoSec

Georege has 25 years exeperience in financial markets, asset management and information security.  George brings a range of skills including cybersecurity, big data, blockchaing and cybercurrencies, python financial libraries, operations and linux.

Brian Leach
Consultant UK


Brian Leach has 30 years of experience in IT management, development and consulting to corporations around the world.   Brian brings strong skills in software quality and test management.   Brian is assisting enteruptors with development of the UK market.


Charles Barouch

Consultant USA


Chuck has 36 years exeperience in IT management, development, training and consulting.   Chuck has experience in multiple industries, with concentrations in manufacturing, import/export, transportation, and logistics.   Chcuk is assisting eneteruptors with development of the US market.