The CEO Innovation Blueprint

After watching a high proportion of innovation projects fail to deliver expected results, our founder wrote this book to help CEOs drive innovation success.  The book is a concise review of factors around innovation for CEOs to contemplate in driving change in a disrupted and volatile market.  Today’s business leaders are under pressure to deliver growth in a highly competitive and regulated market.  Changing socio-economic conditions are putting pressure on business modles to change.   Innovation done right, is a key to success in the digital era.


  • Why business models are changing
  • Why 80% of innovation projects fail
  • Changing culture
  • How do CEOs inspire innovative change
  • Understanding risk and compliance impact on innovation
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Technology required for success
  • Examples of where innovation projects fail and succeed

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Insight into Innovation Success

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This book provides an insight into the thinking behind enteruptors products and services.  Enteruptors is focused on providing CEOs with the tools and knowledge required to drive success in a disrupted market.