Why Enteruptors

Sky News Business

Sky News interview with Founder David Jordan on how Enteruptors is driving performance in banking by tackling the big cost of compliance

Mission Statement

Disruption that is revoltionary

Implementation that is evolutionary

Results that are monetary

Re-engineering for the digital era 

For a decade vendors focused on automating the old business model.

Management focused on safe incremental performance improvement.

Disruption is forcing that to change!!!

To compete in the digital era requires dramatic performance improvements.

Enteruptors is focused on innovation and new business models for the digital era.

Enabling executives to find a further 30% cost savings after a decade of cost cutting.

Enabling executives to find new revenue streams and margin growth.

The key to such savings is re-engineering risk, compliance, finance and strategy.

Legacy is no longer fit for purpose and it is holding back your business.

Enteruptors is transforming how executives manage risk, compliance and planning

We are uniqure in deliverying world first technology designed for managing digital era service companies.