Effortless Decision Making

For Complex, Uncertain & Risky Decisions

Provides advanced technology to decision makers, that cuts costs and becomes the trusted authority for critical decisions.

To Boldly go Where No Data has Taken you Before

Driving Performance

Through Decision Quality

Intelligent Software for Intense Decision Making

The sheer magnitude of factors and data required for decision-making has gone beyond the capacity of the human mind.

The Rise of DX - Decision Experience:

Evolving the way humans make decisions with the advancements in technology.

Introducing EVP - Enterprise Value Planning:

The cutting-edge technology that supports the evolution of decision making to take advantage of leaps in technology.

How we have impact

2023 Decision Dilemma: 85% suffer Decision Distress

Oracle Survey 2023

It is time for a different Approach

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DX Advisory

Identify elements of the decision process that can be transformed to cut costs and enhance outcomes in uncertain times.

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EVP software

A revolutionary enterprise system that employs a digital twin of the business model, combined with advanced scenario management and AI to transform management systems.

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Smoothing the transition from report based systems to a model based system and reconciling the process

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Where we have had impact


Experience across education, Courts, Land, Roads & Traffic


Prudential Returns (banking)

Dept Social Services Returns

Global Online Retail

Campaign Management

Inventory Management

Global Bank

Transforming second line defence risk controls


25 year scenario models

Inventory planning


Container Management

Consultant to Shipping Group

Retail Banking

Rolling Forecasts, stress tests

Repricing, ALM

CEO and Founder

David Jordan

“Reporting decision fatigue is a real issue, it's time executives can reclaim their time and energy with better technology”

Recognised by IBM for Innovation thought leadership

Recognised by NSW Govt for Voluntary services

Author of the CEO Innovation Blueprint


Author of Decision Experience

Speaking globally on transforming risk, regulation, and decision innovation

to get better outcomes for customers and shareholders

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Backed by experience

Dr Kris Babicci

Banking Advisor

Roles as bank CEO, risk management, family office, Phd in banking. Advisory support

Jerome McTeigue


Masters in computing science. Roles in banking and regulation. Strong skills around security, infrastructure

Robin Meisel

AI/Data Scientist

Roles in banking and consultant for advisory firms. Experience in AI and ML

Jan Rautenbach


Founder of ERP business. Experienced in advanced sales and AI in market analysis

The pressure to perform

has never been greater





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